306 Numidian Javelin Throwers

Numidian Javelin Throwers

For reasons not worth going into I lost a little time on this project, but hopefully am back up to the speed of four figures (one sprue) per week.  Since of the 28 in the pack I’m doing 14 of them as javelin throwers (or as they will be played in WHFB, Empire spearmen) the most recent sprue is all them.

It’s also the end of January, and my monthly paint total is an impressive 29 figures.  At least for me that’s impressive–I’m well aware that there are many who paint much faster.  As a point of reference, that is half of what I painted for the entire year last year.  I’m really in this odd painting grove where there is something almost zen-like about the progess.

I’m also not really sweating questions like “what’ll you do for Empire Greatswords?”  First, it’ll be months before I get through all the light infantry.  Second, I may just build this army to build an army and not sweat the gamesmanship of it.  We’ll see.


303 The second sprue of Numidians

Okay, more Numidians.

I find myself spending as much if not more time on the shields than on the figures.  I haven’t done much freehand work and am not very good at it, but I am hoping the shield designs will help improve my technique.

301 The first Numidians

Rather than jump and start doing a bunch of Wargames Factory Numidians all at once, I thought I’d start with just doing one sprue’s worth.

Wargames Factory Numidians

Most of the figures are just basecoated, but I did do some work on the shields.

Numidian shield designs

Initially I had thought of trying to have the javelin-wielding figures just hold the javelins as spears, pointing upward.  Unfortunately the arms just don’t look that good in that position, so most of my “spearmen” are going to be holding them over their heads.

My plan is to use these Numidians as a “proxy” Warhammer Fantasy Battles army, perhaps Empire.  The only downside is that I’d be stuck with just swordsmen, spearmen, bowmen, and slingers, who I guess could be huntsmen.  The Numidian cavalry are pretty lightly armored for Empire knights, but might be outriders.  Is that army competitive?  We’ll just have to see.

288 This is Numidia!

Between my Christmas-season birthday and Christmas itself, I received three packets of Numidian infantry from Wargames Factory.  That’s 84 figures (plus several nice Viking samplers that are being set aside for other things).  Now my only question is how to configure them.  I figure I’ll base them along WAB/WHFB lines, singly on 20mm bases.  I’m thinking the following configuration:

  • 2 units of 20 spearmen
  • 1 unit of 20 swordsmen
  • 1 unit of 10 bowmen
  • 1 unit of 10 javelins

That way I could use them as an “alt” Empire Army or Chaos Marauder list.  Thoughts?

Running into some trouble

I’m running into some trouble with the Milecastle.  Actually, my biggest problem is that I’ve been caught up with a lot of other stuff (some good, some not so much) that has kept me from getting much progress on this project.  Each side wall is will take probably twelve casts.  That’s 24 casts total of the wall builder mold.  That’s enough to build most small projects in and of itself, and that doesn’t include the 8 casts from the turret mold, plus God knows what ever else I’ll need for the back gate.

There’s a point in every project where you sort of go “what the hell am I doing,” and want to quit, but then you have to knuckle under and press on until the end.  Usually, once you get over this hump, it goes a lot better.  Perhaps I’ll bring the molds to work with me or something.

The other project taking a hit is the Saturday tournament.  My problem is, I’ve got family-related events Monday night, work-related events Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, and gaming-related events Friday and Sunday night of the next week.  So one, I’m not sure I’d be able to get any painting done, should I need to round out 500 points.  It also might be the only day that I can spend with my family other than Monday night’s soccer game.  But I need to make a pretty quick decision about the tournament on the odd chance I want to squeeze some painting time in there.

Sigh.  Obligating my fulfillment.