Mordheim Reiklanders



I’ve been painting up some Reiklanders for the miniatures game Mordheim so that my son and I can play together.  These are Empire Militia from the Warhammer Fantasy range, which are essentially the same miniatures as the mercenaries from Mordheim minus a few of the decorative options.

We’ve had a few games in with them, which were a lot of fun.  I’m wondering about taking a few from the Militia box set and painting them up in a different color scheme to use as Witch Hunters, maybe with a few flagellants thrown in.


More Skaven Nightrunners

Skaven Nightrunners

I have to admit that the transformation between basecoating, dipping, and then matte finishing is nothing less than magical, but I do suspect that the effect only really works with warm, natural colors (like these guys).

Anyways, I’ve done ten Skaven total, and my “bop ’til I drop” tendency is moving me towards other miniatures.

A little gaming terrain math facts

A four foot by four foot table has 2,304 square inches.

For gaming terrain to cover 25% of the table, that would mean you would need 576 square inches of terrain.

If your terrain pieces are six inches square (and most of mine are, because I’m curiously compulsive that way), you would need sixteen pieces of terrain to make up 25% of the table.

For ruined fieldstone terrain, I have four, and a fifth on the worktable.

I have dreams of being able to one day field a gaming table for a skirmish game, one that would have serious terrain to play around.  Doing simple math like this makes me realize how much really needs to go into something like this.  I’ve seen some tables for Mordheim (and similar games) that have just under-decorated, and tables like that heavily favor missile weapons as a result.  I want a table where Chaos Cultists and Sisters of Sigmar have a chance against Reiklanders or the like.

Anyways, I’ll hopefully have piece number five up by the end of the week.  Stay tuned.

Another Mordheim piece

A while back I made several different terrain pieces using Hirst Arts Fieldstone line of molds.  Yesterday my new Ruined Fieldstone mold came in, so I decided to break it in by making another piece.  Here’s the result:

A simple corner terrain piece

A simple corner terrain piece

Nothing fancy, but also easy and functional.  I really did put this together in an evening without too much trouble.  So I’m back to thinking about maybe making a few more, stuff that if I needed to I could give up without too much trouble.  There’s terrain I love and are really attached to, but easy pieces like this I could sell on eBay without feeling bad about it.  And since I need to do a lot of casts for the Normandy farm house, I can cast and build these on the side.