Maybe I’m back

Three years ago, I moved from this blog to another hosted on Blogspot called The Army Collector, because I was thinking I’d be collecting armies.  I then set up another blog, called Graph Paper Games to cover my roleplaying games.  Then I started a blog strictly for my solo zombie game called Hard Boiled Zombies.  Which, if you’re counting, is three blogs, all fairly specialized.

There’s a lot I could write about how three years ago I was beginning a massive process of changing a lot of my life, and how that prompts blog-platform hopping.  But I’m also realizing a few things.  First, I don’t feel like collecting armies anymore, having built up a sizable Space Marines army over the last few years.  My roleplaying gaming is going well, but I’ve realized that RPG material isn’t all that interesting.

Finally, what do I do with wanting to write about a historical murder mystery?  Is it a wargaming thing?  A roleplaying thing?  Or just a thing I like?

That’s why I’m thinking of coming back here, to my blog that doesn’t really have a specific “theme.”  Speaking of theme, WordPress blogs just look great, while Blogger blogs all look a lot alike.

At a minimum, I’ll keep the zombie blog, since having an ongoing story there with a lot of people following it.  But I’m going to try blogging here again, not about a specific thing but whatever I want.  We’ll see how long that lasts.


304 The Monochrome Theme

Strange Vistas hit 60,000 hits a few days ago, a pretty noteworthy benchmark for me.  2009 had almost twice as many visits as 2008, when it began.  I usually do some sort of visual change on the blog theme, and just in time WordPress released “Monochrome,” which looks pretty neat.  I’ll try it out for a while and see how I like it.

295 Support the MDA

This is completely off subject for Strange Vistas, but on January 7th I’m being “locked up” for the Muscular Dystrophy Association to help raise money for research into a cure.  If you’d like to make a small contribution towards this goal, please contact me through the contact form below.

Update: if you happen to be my biggest pledge, I’ll drop you a little painted mini in the mail or something, just as a thank you.