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I thought I’d give it a while to see if it took, and it seems to have.  I’ve moved to The Army Collector.


290 The 2009 Review

As the year draws to a close, I thought I’d take stock in what I’ve accomplished in terms of hobbies over the past twelve months.  As usual, I’ll go by my “three setting switch” categories:


By my count, I’ve finished 57 miniatures in 2009, most in the last few months.  Adopting a swifter painting technique and dedicating more time each evening to painting, rather than watching television, has done a lot to get that going.


I was shocked to see that I had completed 15 terrain pieces this year.  Admittedly three of them were cardstock, but I had forgotten how many of them were sci-fi related (e.g. the filtration tower, the green thing, the zombie bunker).  That doesn’t even count the several pieces I made for EOW, which I left off the list because they lack paint.

Roleplaying Games

I have managed to stick with D&D 4E, getting my gaming group all the way to fourth level.  Hopefully we will be getting back up to speed now that the holidays are over.


We have not had the final battle of the 2009 campaign yet (it will spill over into 2010) but I spent the year battling with Vampire Counts, and doing a pretty bad job of it.  I thought the army would be easy to use with its large blocks of unbreakable units, but it proved to be too slow, too predictable, and too dependent on magic to do well, especially at smaller point levels.

Looking ahead to 2010


I’ve got a load of Numidians from Wargames Factory to paint, and I hope my new “bop ’til I drop” painting philosophy will keep the tempo high when it comes to miniature painting.  I’m also looking at some old Chronopia and Games Workshop dwarf miniatures too.


Unless something radical shifts, this area may go a little dormant, to the point that I’ve even packed up in long-term storage some of the molds.  Right now I just lack the space for more pieces.

Roleplaying Games

This will remain unchanged, since the twice-a-month-or-so D&D campaign is healthy and going well.


Once the current campaign is over, it is my turn to conceive of a new campaign concept.  I’m still thinking on this one.

Thanks for taking the time to come here.  I always hope that it is an informative and inspiring visit.

Holiday Musings

The holidays are always a particularly busy time for me, between work and hosting the family gathering (both of which can only be described as inevitable).  I’m glad I got through the last of Skaven miniatures before then.  Those skaven were actually some of the odd miniatures that were part of the large lot my wargaming club liquidated a while back.  Having sold most of the really valuable pieces, I was left with the odd bits to do as I please.  So I have sprues of skaven and skellies and Mordheim mercenaries kicking around the worktable right now.

So while my worktable is covered in wrapping paper and gaming sessions get bumped by family dinners, here’s where my hobby brain is, at least.

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Fieldstone 6: the burned hovel

It’s been a long time since I posted something substantive.  I don’t like to burden my hobbyist audience with real life quasi-drama, but suffice to say that my plate has gotten just a bit more full over the past few weeks, and yes it has impacted my hobby time.  I’m still running my RPG on a regular basis, but the evening hobby time is a little pinched.

Anyways, onto other news.   As it turns out, I won the grand prize for the Andaville raffle, a good sized gift card for the Home Depot.  Since it isn’t a gaming-related prize, the field is wide open.  But for now, I’m doing Andadas a favor by throwing together one or two of the pieces for his town that either weren’t taken or were taken but not made.  Ergo, here’s a WIP shot of what I’m doing now, a burned-down peasant farmhouse.



WIP burned down farmhouse

I’ll probably have it done next week.  Stay tuned.