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I thought I’d give it a while to see if it took, and it seems to have.  I’ve moved to The Army Collector.


309 A Day with Nothing to Do

I finally had a free day and nothing I was supposed to do during it, so I decided to have some quality “me time” and do some fun stuff.

My first step was to the public library.  I managed to, within a straight hour of peace and quiet, to come up with a pretty passable adventure for my 4E campaign.  A little more roleplaying than we’ve had lately.

Then I headed to one of the two gaming stores in Dayton, the Bookery.  I like both stores for different reasons, but the Bookery opens an hour earlier than the Krystal Keep, and I was racing a severe winter storm.  I spent about forty minutes there, looking at all the stuff that they had there.

I will admit to some Games Workshop sticker shock.  $57 for the new Warhammer 40K rulebook?  What, was it hand illustrated?  And while this is old news to most, the new trend of only offering 10-12 plastic minis for ~$25 was a shock.  Maybe I’ve been painting Wargames Factory Numidians for too long, but $2.50 for a plastic figure of a sprue that’s worth only 7 points in an army list is crazy.  So basically, to get what you used to get in a regiment set, you’re looking at $50, plus tax.

Now and then I get tempted to get back into 40K; I own several small armies and have, through bartering, a bunch of chaos space marines unpainted in the basement.  And $25 for the new army codex isn’t too bad, but I think I’ll wait and pick up an AoBR mini-rulebook on eBay or something.  I don’t need giant full-color photos at this point–that’s what the internet is for.   But it definitely soured me on starting my son with a tyranid army.

I also looked at the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 for 4th Edition D&D, but the information within seemed fairly obvious or not particularly relevant (like paragon-level campaigns).

So, I picked up the new copy of the Warmachine MkII rules.  Pricey at $40, but I own three starter box sets from a Christmas present I was given ages ago, and it wouldn’t be hard to get my ten-year-old interested in magical robots.

When I got back, I got caught up on this week’s Numidians. Right now the dip is drying and they’ll be ready to be photographed tomorrow.  I also primed two chaos beastmen, the OOP champion and standard bearer.  They will hopefully be a nice break from the ‘Mids.

302 The Gateway Back

After a pretty long and holiday-induced break, my D&D 4E campaign is back underway.  It was one of those crazy sessions where the players were rolling 20’s all over the place at the beginning and then couldn’t catch a break later at the “boss” encounter.

The game had that great combination of nail-biting intensity, laughing until you weep, and mildly inappropriate humor that I think represents that wonderful zone that brings you back to the table again and again.

One thing that did boggle me, however.  I don’t know how many times you can say, “there is writing on the walls” and have them ignore it.  Oh well, I guess they’ll learn about it sooner or later.

290 The 2009 Review

As the year draws to a close, I thought I’d take stock in what I’ve accomplished in terms of hobbies over the past twelve months.  As usual, I’ll go by my “three setting switch” categories:


By my count, I’ve finished 57 miniatures in 2009, most in the last few months.  Adopting a swifter painting technique and dedicating more time each evening to painting, rather than watching television, has done a lot to get that going.


I was shocked to see that I had completed 15 terrain pieces this year.  Admittedly three of them were cardstock, but I had forgotten how many of them were sci-fi related (e.g. the filtration tower, the green thing, the zombie bunker).  That doesn’t even count the several pieces I made for EOW, which I left off the list because they lack paint.

Roleplaying Games

I have managed to stick with D&D 4E, getting my gaming group all the way to fourth level.  Hopefully we will be getting back up to speed now that the holidays are over.


We have not had the final battle of the 2009 campaign yet (it will spill over into 2010) but I spent the year battling with Vampire Counts, and doing a pretty bad job of it.  I thought the army would be easy to use with its large blocks of unbreakable units, but it proved to be too slow, too predictable, and too dependent on magic to do well, especially at smaller point levels.

Looking ahead to 2010


I’ve got a load of Numidians from Wargames Factory to paint, and I hope my new “bop ’til I drop” painting philosophy will keep the tempo high when it comes to miniature painting.  I’m also looking at some old Chronopia and Games Workshop dwarf miniatures too.


Unless something radical shifts, this area may go a little dormant, to the point that I’ve even packed up in long-term storage some of the molds.  Right now I just lack the space for more pieces.

Roleplaying Games

This will remain unchanged, since the twice-a-month-or-so D&D campaign is healthy and going well.


Once the current campaign is over, it is my turn to conceive of a new campaign concept.  I’m still thinking on this one.

Thanks for taking the time to come here.  I always hope that it is an informative and inspiring visit.

Maybe it is for the best

One thing I do is tend to surf blogs that are in line with my “hobby switch.”  For example, when in RPG mode I’ll kick around RPGforum or Dragonsfoot.

Right now, I’m in miniatures mode.  So I’m looking around at mini-related blogs like Dave “I’m not the guy you went to college with” Taylor miniatures, or Plastic Legions.  The only problem?  I can’t get my daily blog fix.  While some people can crank out a daily dose of RPG meanderings, expostulations or even three paragraphs on why Fourth Edition D&D may have ruined my childhood memories more than The Phantom Menace, there are darn few people who can paint inspiring miniatures every day.  No, I have to wait three, four, maybe even fifteen days to get updates from some people.

So get to work, talented miniature-painting bloggers!  You can type with one hand while applying a thirteenth layer of flow-enhanced Vallejo paint to the abs of a 25mm miniature at the same time!  Otherwise I may end up doing things like working or housecleaning.

And nobody wants to see that happen.

Holiday Musings

The holidays are always a particularly busy time for me, between work and hosting the family gathering (both of which can only be described as inevitable).  I’m glad I got through the last of Skaven miniatures before then.  Those skaven were actually some of the odd miniatures that were part of the large lot my wargaming club liquidated a while back.  Having sold most of the really valuable pieces, I was left with the odd bits to do as I please.  So I have sprues of skaven and skellies and Mordheim mercenaries kicking around the worktable right now.

So while my worktable is covered in wrapping paper and gaming sessions get bumped by family dinners, here’s where my hobby brain is, at least.

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RPG’s in the Attic, Part One

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m cleaning out my attic and am looking through about a half dozen boxes of old RPG’s I stuffed up there years ago.  It has gotten to be time to get rid of some of this stuff, so I’m going to sort through and see what I want to go.

I’m doing in this real time, blogging as I go.  As a final note before the break, if you see anything you like, let me know.

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