This is my blog, about stuff that I like.  At first, it was just about wargaming and things related to that.  But over time I’ve expanded it to just about anything that I find interesting.  Things like books, movies, roleplaying games, etc.


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  1. Since you are considering the SYW, let me highly recommend the RSM figures available from the Dayton Painting Consortium:


    While they are nominally 25mm figures, they are actually 28mm from ground to eye . . . but the best news is that they are very inexpensive.

    A bag of 36 infantry is only $27 (that’s 75 cents each); and cavalry bags are 12 mounted figures for $22.20 (only $1.85 each). Compare those prices with what you pay for GW figures.

    There is a picture of some unpainted RSMs on my blog. Take a look if you like:


    — Jeff

  2. As with many miniatures companies, DPC (makers of RSM figures) is a very small operation.

    They probably have other jobs and do their casting on evenings and weekends (this is a guess), so I definitely would suggest a phone call before just trying to drive over there.

    I have no connection with them other than as a customer.

    — Jeff

  3. I couldn’t find you email on here so i figured this would be as good a place as any to touch base. I’m contacting you on behalf of Kahriptic Knights Publishing and Lordi (a finnish rock band), who have been collaborating on a table-top RPG, entitled ‘Deliverence’. We would be interested in sending you a beta copy to get some feedback, and possibly write a review if you would be up to it. Please get back to me for more details on this.

    thanks so much
    The End Records (Lordi’s record label label)

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