Saga Vikings


These are some plastic Vikings made by Wargames Factory that I painted up recently to use in a game of Saga: the Viking Age.  I painted up twenty of them: three units of four huscarls, and one unit of eight bondi.  That’s four points in the Saga rules.  I’ll be building it up to six points by probably adding another unit of eight bondi and a single unit of four berzerkers.


Book Review: Woken Furies

Woken Furies is the third (and I believe last) book by Richard Morgan featuring the body-jumping Takeshi Kovacs. Kovacs, back from his misadventures in Broken Angels, has returned to his home planet of Harlan’s World, the mostly ocean-covered world featuring the bizarre Martial “orbitals” that blast anything out of the sky.

In Woken Furies, Kovacs ends up hooking with a bunch of “decom” mercenaries whose job it is to wipe out a region on Harlan’s World that is under the control of robotic drones. The leader of the merc unit he joins turns out to have a bit of a weird glitch in her digital personality–a second persona claiming to be a notorious rebel leader. Kovacs is then swept up in the political and military intrigue of the planet as powerful forces attempt to recover her, even employing a bootleg version of his own personality from his youth in the Envoy corps.

In addition to a solid sci-fi romp, Morgan gets some of his magic back from Altered Carbon by focusing a lot on Kovacs’ personality and the conflict between his hard-earned cynicism and the various possible motivations available to him: revenge, duty, friendship, political revolution, and even love. Religion is thrown in as well, not as a viable option but to contrast the other forces at work in Kovacs and the other people around him. It’s a good reminder that what makes science fiction great isn’t blast guns or cyberware or strange alien ruins, it’s the opportunity to take a human being someplace away from what’s normal for us and see what continues to make him human. Kovacs is a conflicted, emotionally wounded figure for most of the book, and it works out very, very well.

Mordheim Reiklanders



I’ve been painting up some Reiklanders for the miniatures game Mordheim so that my son and I can play together.  These are Empire Militia from the Warhammer Fantasy range, which are essentially the same miniatures as the mercenaries from Mordheim minus a few of the decorative options.

We’ve had a few games in with them, which were a lot of fun.  I’m wondering about taking a few from the Militia box set and painting them up in a different color scheme to use as Witch Hunters, maybe with a few flagellants thrown in.