290 The 2009 Review

As the year draws to a close, I thought I’d take stock in what I’ve accomplished in terms of hobbies over the past twelve months.  As usual, I’ll go by my “three setting switch” categories:


By my count, I’ve finished 57 miniatures in 2009, most in the last few months.  Adopting a swifter painting technique and dedicating more time each evening to painting, rather than watching television, has done a lot to get that going.


I was shocked to see that I had completed 15 terrain pieces this year.  Admittedly three of them were cardstock, but I had forgotten how many of them were sci-fi related (e.g. the filtration tower, the green thing, the zombie bunker).  That doesn’t even count the several pieces I made for EOW, which I left off the list because they lack paint.

Roleplaying Games

I have managed to stick with D&D 4E, getting my gaming group all the way to fourth level.  Hopefully we will be getting back up to speed now that the holidays are over.


We have not had the final battle of the 2009 campaign yet (it will spill over into 2010) but I spent the year battling with Vampire Counts, and doing a pretty bad job of it.  I thought the army would be easy to use with its large blocks of unbreakable units, but it proved to be too slow, too predictable, and too dependent on magic to do well, especially at smaller point levels.

Looking ahead to 2010


I’ve got a load of Numidians from Wargames Factory to paint, and I hope my new “bop ’til I drop” painting philosophy will keep the tempo high when it comes to miniature painting.  I’m also looking at some old Chronopia and Games Workshop dwarf miniatures too.


Unless something radical shifts, this area may go a little dormant, to the point that I’ve even packed up in long-term storage some of the molds.  Right now I just lack the space for more pieces.

Roleplaying Games

This will remain unchanged, since the twice-a-month-or-so D&D campaign is healthy and going well.


Once the current campaign is over, it is my turn to conceive of a new campaign concept.  I’m still thinking on this one.

Thanks for taking the time to come here.  I always hope that it is an informative and inspiring visit.


289 More GW Skeletons

On the fifth day of Christmas, I finished painting…

Skeleton Warriors

Four more Skeleton Warriors by Games Workshop.

The dip was a little thick, possibly an effect of the weather, despite my keeping the can in the house.  Eight more to go.

288 This is Numidia!

Between my Christmas-season birthday and Christmas itself, I received three packets of Numidian infantry from Wargames Factory.  That’s 84 figures (plus several nice Viking samplers that are being set aside for other things).  Now my only question is how to configure them.  I figure I’ll base them along WAB/WHFB lines, singly on 20mm bases.  I’m thinking the following configuration:

  • 2 units of 20 spearmen
  • 1 unit of 20 swordsmen
  • 1 unit of 10 bowmen
  • 1 unit of 10 javelins

That way I could use them as an “alt” Empire Army or Chaos Marauder list.  Thoughts?

287 Skeleton Warriors

On the first day of Christmas, I finished speed painting…

Skeleton Warriors

Skeleton Warriors

Four Skeleton Warriors!

Oh, I’m a lazy, lazy painter this holiday season.  These guys were just primed white, had their armor, spears, bases and shields painted, and then dipped in wood varnish.

I’ve also started numbering my posts, a practice  I’ve seen on some other blogs when the possibility of redundant titles (such as when I paint more Skeleton Warriors) occurs.

Maybe it is for the best

One thing I do is tend to surf blogs that are in line with my “hobby switch.”  For example, when in RPG mode I’ll kick around RPGforum or Dragonsfoot.

Right now, I’m in miniatures mode.  So I’m looking around at mini-related blogs like Dave “I’m not the guy you went to college with” Taylor miniatures, or Plastic Legions.  The only problem?  I can’t get my daily blog fix.  While some people can crank out a daily dose of RPG meanderings, expostulations or even three paragraphs on why Fourth Edition D&D may have ruined my childhood memories more than The Phantom Menace, there are darn few people who can paint inspiring miniatures every day.  No, I have to wait three, four, maybe even fifteen days to get updates from some people.

So get to work, talented miniature-painting bloggers!  You can type with one hand while applying a thirteenth layer of flow-enhanced Vallejo paint to the abs of a 25mm miniature at the same time!  Otherwise I may end up doing things like working or housecleaning.

And nobody wants to see that happen.

Warhammer FB AAR: Dwarfs vs. Tomb Kings

It’ll be a little vague, but here’s the AAR on my most recent WHFB  battle: 2000 dwarfs (me) vs. TK (my arch-rival Vince):

My dwarf army list:

  • Lord with runic weapon and armor
  • Thane with Battle Standard
  • Runesmith with two dwarf dispel scrolls
  • 20 Longbeards, CSM
  • 20 Warriors, CSM
  • 20 Warriors, CSM
  • 10 Quarrelers, CSM
  • 10 Thunderers, CSM
  • 10 Miners, CSM
  • Cannon w/Engineer
  • Cannon w/Engineer
  • 7 Trollslayers (just to use up some points)

My opponent (based on what I saw)

  • Tomb King on a Chariot of Fire
  • Hierophant (Icon Bearer)
  • Some hero-level BSB
  • 3 chariots
  • 10 light cavalry
  • ~20 skeleton warriors
  • ~20 heavy infantry
  • 4 swarms
  • Bone Giant

From left to right, I went Warriors, Trollslayers, Quarrelers, Longbeards w/Lord, Cannon, Warriors w/BSB, Thunderers, Cannon.  My plan was to use the Cannon in the center to shell the giant (or the Trollslayers or tooled-up Lord as backup), the Quarrelers and Thunders to whittle away the infantry blocks and just hold up against the two cavalry units which are reputedly pretty lightweight.

Yeah, it didn’t go that way.

Vince ran the chariots up one flank (the warriors) and the cavalry up the other (the cannon).  The swarm took out the trollslayers (ignomiously) and then the giant rolled up on the central warrior unit with the light cav behind as my longbeards were hit by the skellies on the front and the chariots from behind.

And the central cannon exploded on turn two, despite the engineer re-roll.

All told, a crushing defeat that will go in the Book of Grudges.