Ruined Fieldstone 5

I realized that I can’t keep coming up with names for all the different pieces for my ruined fieldstone set, so I’ve just decided to be really uninspired and number them.  In any case, here’s the fifth one I’ve built to date.




4 thoughts on “Ruined Fieldstone 5

  1. Dude. Clearly that’s a ruined Gatehouse or tower or something. So… gate tower. Either way, it’s pretty cool. I like the fact that you can use both the inside and the top.

    Sadly, though, it looks like it has those small steps that look great, but you can’t actually put models on… Still haven’t figured out how to get around that. Do you think rare earth magnets under the steps might be strong enough? All my models have washers on the bottom, so that might work…

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