Speeding Painting a Chaos Marauder

I decided to try out the speed painting technique (just base coat and then dip in wood varnish) on something a little more complicated, in this case a Chaos Marauder.  Here’s the result:

Where the dwarf women at?  I mean "elf"!  Elf women...

Where the dwarf women at? I mean "elf"! Elf women...

I have to tell you, it surpassed all my expectations.  The paint job was dicey at best, and the varnish covered a lot of sins, not to mention doing a nice “blacklining” job.  I think I’ll speed paint my way through the whole unit, perhaps to use in the upcoming gaming club Warhammer campaign.

Small factoid: I used the Olympic Pecan varnish for the marauder.

Speaking of the gaming club, the first and largest item has sold, and my share is about $110, representing about $85 in profit from my initial investment.  That’s a good start to a New Miniatures and Molds Fund.  The second item is up.  Here’s the link.  It’s for 16 Lizardmen Temple Guard, the OOP metal ones.


One thought on “Speeding Painting a Chaos Marauder

  1. This looks even better when the picture is clicked and zoomed. I especially love the shield.

    I played music in a place a few years ago that featured a lot of these guys. It was in the next county and we didn’t know it was a biker bar.

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