Some Cheap Acquisitions

For a variety of reasons, I found myself first at one used bookstore and then another, both of which had wargaming and roleplaying books.  I succumbed to temptation and picked up a few items.

Warhammer Ancients and Chariot Wars:  I picked up my second copy of WAB for a friend in hopes of perhaps someday doing historical wargaming.  Chariot Wars interested me not just because it was dirt-cheap, but also because I have sometimes dreamed of doing a Hyborian-inspired map campaign.

Monster Manual 2: this is the original AD&D MM2, not one of the later ones.  It’s a weird collection of monsters, but includes the first appearance of some iconic D&D monsters like the aboleth, tarrasque, and thri-keen.  I picked it up because of my current OSG kick, but it’ll probably not see any action any time soon.

Space Marine Codex: this is probably not the latest one, but since the most recent is practically a reprint, and I hardly play 40K, who cares?  Again, cheap.

At present, I’m seriously considering a very old RPG, but not D&D–West End Games’ Star Wars RPG.  I’ll let you know more if it comes to pass.


2 thoughts on “Some Cheap Acquisitions

  1. First, Happy Christmas and long time no talk to!

    Definitely post whether you get into the WEG Star Wars. I ran/played in several WEG campaigns (even used their Master Series rules for a 40k rpg) and it remains one of my all time favorite rpgs and still the one that really captures that Star Wars flavor.

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