Sci-Fi terrain on the Workbench

Actually, it is more like a “Worktable” since my workbench is actually covered with clutter.

Anyways, after having the hobby switch set on “RPG’s” for the better part of December, it has moved mysteriously back to “Terrain” which means hopefully I’ll have a neat new pic up by the end of next week.  Last time the switch was there, I cranked out three fairly simple fieldstone pieces in short order.  Right now, I’m doing a bit more complex sci-fi piece.

I’ve been thinking a lot about next year and what I’d really like to do and get done.  More on that in a later post.


Some Cheap Acquisitions

For a variety of reasons, I found myself first at one used bookstore and then another, both of which had wargaming and roleplaying books.  I succumbed to temptation and picked up a few items.

Warhammer Ancients and Chariot Wars:  I picked up my second copy of WAB for a friend in hopes of perhaps someday doing historical wargaming.  Chariot Wars interested me not just because it was dirt-cheap, but also because I have sometimes dreamed of doing a Hyborian-inspired map campaign.

Monster Manual 2: this is the original AD&D MM2, not one of the later ones.  It’s a weird collection of monsters, but includes the first appearance of some iconic D&D monsters like the aboleth, tarrasque, and thri-keen.  I picked it up because of my current OSG kick, but it’ll probably not see any action any time soon.

Space Marine Codex: this is probably not the latest one, but since the most recent is practically a reprint, and I hardly play 40K, who cares?  Again, cheap.

At present, I’m seriously considering a very old RPG, but not D&D–West End Games’ Star Wars RPG.  I’ll let you know more if it comes to pass.

3000 pt. VC vs. Bretonnia Battle Report

Okay, it is more of an “After Action Report” than a detailed battle report.  I played my first game of the 2009 WHFB campaign, detailed in earlier posts, a three thousand point game pitting my Vampire Counts against my arch-rival Vince’s OSU-themed Bretonnians.  It wasn’t a slaughter, but it was a very steady grind that ended in a total victory for me.  Want to read the details, just click below…

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