Bones and Indians

A short while ago I started a new tag: “Theory” which basically covers posts that are my long-winded meanderings about wargaming or roleplaying games.  Lately I’ve been working out my problems with D&D Fourth Edition, a game I continue to run but whose days may be numbered.  In trying to put my finger on the problem, I stumbled across a bit of a analogous situation when I was at the library…

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It’s a birthday (of sorts)


When you’re out of your twenties and well into your thirties, birthdays have lost a lot of the gravitas they once had.  You can’t really skip work on your birthday and go bumming about town like you might want to, it is unlikely that there is a surprise party waiting for you at home, etc.  The best you can really hope for is a above-average dinner and perhaps a little something extra that evening (if you get my drift).

I, however, do not accept that.  Or rather, I will not succumb to birthday lassitude without a fight.  Now before you think that this is all about my Big Trip to Vegas or something, I will also say that I needed to have a birthday that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I got about $100 in budget money to spend today and still keep it under the wife’s radar.  So what to do?

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The 30,000 Visit Post


Well, visitors have wandered into Strange Vistas 30,000 times, which calls for some sort of recognition. I can remember when I thought 9,000 was a big benchmark. To kick off the celebration, I’m going to do two things. One, ditch “Depo Masthead” as a WordPress theme. Two, write about the state of Strange Vistas, some upcoming projects, and some thoughts about my roleplaying game. If any of that interests you, read on.

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