Ending 2007, starting 2008 and a hint at 2009 WHFB

I played my next-to-last WHFB campaign of the “Reaver Princes” 2007 Campaign. Once again, I played Vince’s Orcs, only this time he really, really wanted to win. He’s 0-5, and I’m 5-0 for our series of match-ups in this campaign. He managed a fairly decisive win on the “Win Big, Lose Big” tendencies of Orcs & Goblins. It also didn’t help that he brought along a Orc Lord on a Wyvern and a Giant to help him out. Also not hurting his cause was my cannon and organ gun both misfiring on turn one. After that he was able to run Wolf Riders up to the cannon, and the organ gun was swamped with orcs not long after. In case anyone was wondering, he didn’t suffer Animosity or a miscast once.

On my side, the Dwarf Lord managed to not only kill the Orc General but also his Wyvern, but eventually pushed his luck too far by going after the giant and getting jumped up and down upon. The true hero of my battle was my Master Engineer. Between “Gunner’s Pride” and “Entrenchment” the Master Engineer held off two units of orcs (one black orcs) for the entire game. I had this image of him perched atop the wall, blasting away with his pair of pistols…

In the end, though, they both fell and the game was lost as my dwarfs were totally overrun. Now I’m 5-1 with one month to go. There’s another player who is only 5-0 (he didn’t play a game this month) so I’m trying to figure out if we can get together and have it out once and for all.

Looking ahead to the next campaign, I’ve finished the first unit of my own Orcs & Goblins, a five-orc unit of Boyz. I’m hoping to get 300 points painted by the end of May, which doesn’t sound like much of a load. But I’m a really slow painter and am pretty loaded down with work and other responsibilities right now (hence the lack of RPG updates) so we’ll have to see.

At first, I didn’t care for how these guys were turning out, but they really rallied at the end, especially after a big of home-made “magic wash”: a little Future floor wax, some water, and some brown ink. Here’s the pic:

The first mini-unit

Feel free to comment.

Finally, Vince and I discussed the 2009 campaign. It’s about seven months away (the “2008” campaign only runs June through November). His idea is to do a “two sides” campaign sort of like mine, only with 3000 point armies, and each player choosing a side. He’d be the leader of the “good” side with his Bretonnians, and I’d take the leadership of the “evil” side. I have a couple of problems, however.

First, I don’t have a 3000 point army, except maybe my dwarfs. I might have 3000 points of Empire if I stretch it, but I’m loaning the Empire army to a friend. I might be able to put together around 2000 points of Chaos or Orcs, but only if I load up the characters. I could borrow minis from someone (like Vince) but I don’t like to do that. On the other hand, buying more miniatures for this campaign doesn’t thrill me either, since I had just begun thinking about that Seven Years War army again…

Oh well, I’ve got seven months to figure it out.


The 2008 Warhammer Fantasy Battles Campaign

After a lot of thinking and wrangling, I’ve finally gotten the 2008 WHFB Campaign together for my wargaming group.

A little backstory: I belong to a wargaming club named “The Piqua Underground Gaming Society” (or PUGS) which meets about once a month of so to play Warhammer.  Several years back the chairperson of the club, my arch-rival and good friend Vince, decided to start doing campaigns, ala the old Mighty Empires rules.  When the General’s Compendium came out, the campaigns really kicked into gear.

Since then, we’ve done map campaigns, territory campaigns, expansion campaigns, and all sorts of things (including siege and naval battles).  Right now we’re finishing up another “territory” campaign where the players exhaust their special territories’ resources as the campaign wears on.  As it stands now, I’m a lock for at least second place with my hardy dwarfs.

As that campaigns wraps up, another must take its place, and I was in charge of putting the camapign together.  We usually vacillate between large army campaigns and small army ones.  The territory campaign was for large (2500+) armies, so I decided to go small, especially with several new players interested in joining.

So I decided to go with Warhammer Warbands, and a simple “points” campaign where each player chooses a side (or sides, in this case) and rack up points towards a grand total.  I set the campaign during the Storm of Chaos, which is in my mind the archtypical “Warhammer World War” event.  Chaos is the uber-villain of the Warhammer world (sorry, Vampire Counts and Dark Elves, but you know it to be true) and the Empire, for all its gothic pathos, the group I think we’re supposed to identify with the most.  The current campaign depicts of the off-shoot threads of the invasion, a push into Kislev by one of Archaon’s lieutenants.

One innovation (for us, at least) in this campaign is that players can field more than one army.  One difficulty we’ve had with two-sided campaigns is when a player of team A and another player of team A are the only ones who show up for a game day.  This way, the more common players can field multiple warbands or either one side or the other, or the amorphous gray area in between.  This also helps a big problem of mine, namely my inability to decide between what armies to use for six months up to a year.  I’ve been dithering between Chaos and Orcs, but now I can do both (Orcs being one of the “shadow” armies of the campaign). 

The really small size also means that the new players can field their own armies, and I might actually get them painted as well.  For the fans of the big battles, I’m throwing in three mega-battles at regular intervals during the season.

I’ve put in a new page where info about the campaign, including a download of the rules, can be found.  I’ll also be adding pics of the warbands, mine and others, as they are taken.  Hopefully I’ll get a battle report or two posted here as well.

By the way, before anyone comments, I have spotted at least one typo in the handout I made.  Sigh.

The good and bad on my computer

A while back, I engaged in a bit of a rant against Fluid and their program “Dundjinni.”  The problem, in short, was that updates with Java had rendered their program inoperable for the better part of a year.    Well recently the released a patch which theoretically fixes the problem.  I downloaded the patch, but discovered a whole new set of problems with Dundjinni.  This time, however, I took the problem to Fluid, who went ahead and (after validating I had a legal copy) gave me a whole new download of Dundjinni which works great.  If you’ve got Dundjinni and are having problems, Fluid was actually very polite and helpful to deal with.

On the downside, if you’ve been checking here the past couple of days you’ll have noticed that I’m going through another “let’s check out lots of different themes” phase.  To be honest, I actually wish WordPress would release some new designs, especially one that isn’t a) black or b) fussy.  I like Blogger’s themes, but I recently discovered that “strangevistas,” “strangeliving,” “strangegames,” and “Witterquick”–all names I’d want to use–are taken.  I’m not linking to them because I want to save you from a) a demented meth addict, b) a missionary in China, c) an empty blog, and d) the most boring blog I’ve ever seen, in that order.  Actually the missionary is kind of interesting, but really off topic.  Short version: even if I was interested in getting an easier-to-modify blogger account, I can’t get any of the names I want, at least ones that I’ve built up my own identity around.  That means starting from scratch, and for that hassle I might as well stay here and perhaps plump sometime for the CSS Upgrade.  Until then, I’ll probably continue bouncing the layout again for a while, until I find something I can live with.

The last of the PC minis

I’ve finally been getting back into the mini-painting mode, and finished the last of the miniatures for my Castles & Crusades campaign. This Xane, a gnome thief. I don’t remember the miniature’s manufacturer, but you could probably find it without too much trouble. It was listed as a “gnome assassin.”


As you might be able to tell, the flimsy little dagger broke off, and I had to replace it with a needle I wired into his knife handle.

The other miniature isn’t for a PC, but is just an old one I had lying around that I thought I’d finish off. He’s “Eldarion” from Reaper Miniatures. The cape is, well, really blue, probably too bright, but I was trying out a new paint.


Haven’t yet got around to putting the finishing touches onto my big surprise, but hopefully it will be soon. Until then, I’m casting a bazillion bricks so a friend’s daughter can build a model of the pyramids. Another generation of terrain builders at work?