The January Update

I’ve decided to switch from regular but often low-content posts to less often but more meaty “newsletter” like posts instead. There are several reasons why I have chosen to make the switch, which I’ll get to later. But for now, on with the show.

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My Dunjinni Rant

A while back, I purchased Dunjinni, a map-making software program by fluid. Several months later, I began having problems with the program, namely that the line that the “pencil” wrote wasn’t what I was clicking on. When you’re drawing maps, that’s a critical problem. The reason? Dunjinni doesn’t work with Java 6, or for that matter Java 1.5. In fact, the Dunjinni website said that in order for Dunjinni to work, you need to go back to Java 1.4.2. Fluid continues to promise a patch for the problem, but in the meantime Vista came out, creating a whole new set of problems.

I feel for Kepli, the guy on the forums whose chief job appears to be apologizing to new Dunjinni purchasers who discover they have an unworkable program, or talking them into a dated Java platform. He says that they have solved some of the problems, but haven’t released the patch yet. And Vistas remains a problem.

At this point, I feel like Dunjinni is a lost cause, and any value it may have had is lost. If a patch actually surfaces, will someone let me know?

I haven’t done much in the way of updating: Christmas holidays turned out to be a lot busier than I realized, and a lot less hobby-stuff got done. Moreover, I’m probably as tired as you are of seeing me talking about projects that aren’t getting done. So from here on out, I’m going to just do posts on what has actually been finished, perhaps even as a single monthly update. If you’re willing to be patient, there’s some ideas cooking that I think you’ll really like.