Christmas Season update

I’m taking a bit of vacation time right now, so I will be hopefully making some headway on some projects.  The top of the list is the Descent set, which is close to being completed.  Once it is done, I’m going to hopefully get some work done on the Milecastle, although I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with it when it is finished.

The downside?  The family is away visiting my in-laws, and took the digital camera with them.  That means that there will be no pics until after the new year.


The Small Roadside Chapel

Actually, I’m not sure what exactly it is, aside from small, gothic, and finished. I wanted to do something simple to replace my old mausoleum, something that wouldn’t have a huge footprint. On the whole, I thought it turned out pretty well, all things considered.

Roadside Chapel1

The Dungeon Under the Mountain

I’ve had 0one GamesThe Dungeon Under the Mountain, Level One for some time, and have often dreamed of tackling the opus of creating descriptions for its 300+ encounters.  This has the ring of many “big projects” that I start and don’t finish, but I thought that I could really put myself to this task and perhaps finish it over several months.  I’ve called this in my head the “Lodunwrisea” for Local Dungeon Writing Season (a variation of the nanowrimo).

I thought I’d keep people up to date on my progress, and share what I’ve done in the Box Widget.  You can find the up-to-date adventure notes, and the Room Key there.  To date, I’ve done the introductory notes and encounters, plus the first eleven rooms.