November Wrap-up

Sometimes I wonder if some sort of monthly collection might be better than me just writing filler to puff out the entries.

This month I set aside a lot of hobby stuff so I could host my family’s Thanksgiving holiday (something to the tune of fifteen people).  I decided to fill what little hobby time I had with putting together a small terrain piece, something less than 6″ on a side.  I’ll post pics when it is done.

I didn’t get the chance to introduce my RPG group to wargaming either, which I guess will have to wait for a later time.  I also didn’t get a game of Warhammer in either.   Add that to not getting together with the HMGS guy, and I’m in the middle of a bad dry spell.

Christmas also tends to be a pretty busy time, but perhaps I can get a little more anti-work in.


Some early contact

Amongst the many good bits of advice given throughout the whole Seven Years War posts, someone said that I should contact my local historical wargaming group and find out what they are playing first, before getting into a particular era.  That sounded reasonable, so after several unsuccessful attempts I managed to get a hold of a board member of the HMGS, Great Lakes chapter, who just happened to live in Dayton (the Big City).  It turns out that one of the gaming stores in Dayton is under new management, and the HMGS is running several games a month out of there.

The “downside” is that the games played are:

  • Flames of War
  • Hordes of the Things (in 15mm)
  • And Warhammer Ancient Battles, but in the era of Alexander the Great

 Yup, no Seven Years War.  So much for that being a popular time period.  I’m not very familiar with DBA (aside from reputation) but know HOTT, although I’ve never painted a single mini in 15mm in my life.  I’m wondering now about trying to get into Alexander-era wargaming, just because that seems to be what’s en vogue in Dayton, or perhaps trying to see if there is interest in getting a SYW game going.

The two week (minus two days) rush

Curse you, Halloween candy, for making me all sugar-bloated every night! Actually between Halloween, the PBR finals, and some general funk I haven’t been getting much hobby stuff done.

That has to chance fairly quickly, however, because now I have a deadline. Last Friday I was wrapping up my C&C game when one of the players looks at my Gothic Descent set and says, “can you do 2×2 squares of these?”

“Sure,” I say, “why?”

“Because I used to play this game called Space Hulk, and was wondering if you’d be interested in giving it a shot some time.”

This turned into a long discussion regarding miniatures games with my RPG crowd, and by the time it was done we had decided to try to play a fun one-off game of something the 16th day of November. So, in two weeks I need to:

  1. conceive of a game that four or five people could play at the same time.
  2. teach them the rules.
  3. get the miniatures and terrain together.

In some ways, this eliminates Space Hulk right off the bat, because while I have the rules, I don’t have the termies or the genestealers or the terrain to pull it off. My better bet would be to do with D&D Miniatures, because I have the rules and a lot of the minis, and they’d know the basics of the rules. But, if I could do something else…

There is one final wrinkle in this whole plan. This weekend, the 9th and 10th of November, when I’d have prime building/painting time, I’ll be attending a convention for work. Sigh.