Microtable One: Milecastle Central Tower

Part Two: The Gatehouse

The gatehouse is four inches across and deep, and seven inches high. I used the special corners, the large arches, and small window arches from the Prison Tower mold. Halfway up I have left gaps for the doors that will be made from pieces from the Wood Plank Mold after the rest of the gatehouse has been painted. There’s a similar piece (taken from the Fieldstone Accessory Mold) that will go on the roof as well. The doors on the side of the tower will lie flush with the floor of the walls after they have been assembled.

When building the tower, I used forms composed of Duplo blocks to provide right angles to lay the bricks against as they dry. The good news is that with a totally rectangular tower like this one, keeping the walls flat is fairly easy.

Milecastle Tower 1

On the upper half, I’ve deliberately staggered some blocks to make a small ledge for the roof.

Milecastle Tower 2

I cheated a little bit on the roof, using a custom mold I made out of RTV Silicone to allow me to cast most of the roof as a single piece, rather than glue it together. You can find instructions on making the mold on the Hirst Arts site. For those who don’t want to go to the hassle, I’d consider reinforcing the floor with a bit of cereal box cardboard.

Milecastle Tower 3

Here’s two shots of the tower put together. I’ll be leaving it in two halves to make putting in the door easier.

Milecastle Tower 4 Milecastle Tower 5

Next: the exterior walls. Thanks for looking!


Microtable One: Hadrian’s Wall Milecastle Introduction

A while back I floated the notion through the 24-Hour Section of doing “microtables,” small 2’ by 2’ war gaming tables. The idea was that these could be used for small skirmish games, or perhaps as part of a larger layout, but wouldn’t have the construction time or storage space of a regular 4’ by 4’ table. I’ve considered several microtable concepts, mostly urban layouts that could be used with games like Gloire, Mordheim, or Chainmail, but a recent purchase of Warhammer Ancient Battles gave me another idea: a Hadrian’s Wall Milecastle.

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New item: Warhammer 40K Battle Report

I haven’t played 40K in literally years, so I jumped at the chance when my friend Ellis said he was available for a game this afternoon. We tried something simple: 1000 points, Alpha-level Cleanse Mission. Ellis played Witchhunters (mostly Sisters of Battle) while I played my Undivided Chaos Space Marines. I don’t have the most recent codex yet, so we agreed that it would be kosher if I played by the old rules. Continue reading

Making headway, by making hallways

If you check the “On the Workbench” page, you’ll notice that for the past day or two I’ve been cranking out hallways sections for my Descent set. I’d post pics, but they aren’t too exciting. When I get some rooms built, I’ll include the new hallway sections too.

Now for a little teaser. I’ve got a big project in the wings, something I’ve only been alluding to in the slightest of ways (like broadcasting it all over theminaturespage.com or the Hirst Arts chat room). In any case, I’m not going to be putting anything on it here until it is really underway. I’ve been learning that viewers would rather have large, chewy chunks of hobby goodness with gaps inbetween than having stuff trickle in bit by tiny bit (“ooh…a new hyena…”) So while work goes apace here, I’ll be waiting until I get a bit farther in before I post any pics.

A Lazy Day Off

I have a brother who is about twenty years younger than I am (he’s adopted) and recently he has been interested in learning how to paint miniatures.  So today, my day off, I invited him over for a day-long clinic on miniature painting, interspersed with pizza and Yu-Gi-Oh (which I have never played before today).  We worked on layering, highlighting, drybrushing, etc.  I also introduced him to the Magic Wash: 70% Future Floor Wax, 30% water, and some ink for color.  I don’t usually use the Wash, but it is a nice helper for starting painters and also prevents chipping.  Here’s the result of his labors:

TFT Barbarian

Looks good, and a lot better than some of my first minis.  I’m still wrestling with what to do next.  Obviously I want to get the Descent set finished, but Hirst Arts’ recent Ruined Fieldstone Tower mold is pretty hard to resist.  My brother is also interested in getting into wargaming, but being a teenager lacks funds to put towards the game.  Also, unless I go with Warhammer Fantasy Battles or something similar, there is no one in my immediate group who can put forward an army without making a financial investment.  That has got me thinking Mordheim, which would have few starter minis or could commandeer minis from a WHFB army, or something similar like ARES, Song of Blade and Glory, or No Quarter.

Alternatively, I’ve just gotten my hands on several Inquisitor minis, which could mean I could field all the minis for people.  But $22 for a mini, even a really large one, is pretty steep, even if you only need two or three to play.

The Warband, together

Here’s the final pic of the entire Naresh warband.  It lacks the cohesiveness of the Drazen’s Horde, but that makes sense given that it is supposed to be a combination of gnolls, demons, and other fiendish creatures. And now, the graduation photo:

The Naresh Warband

I’m a little undecided as to what to do next.   I will probably start working on dwarfs again, perhaps intermixed with the Gothic Descent set that sort of got waylaid while I was doing this.  I continue to struggle to stay on track with these long-term projects, preferring shorter ones instead.