The Demonic Gnoll Adept, Redux

I own no less than four starter sets for Chainmail. One Demonic Gnoll adept was sent to a friend for his D&D campaign. Another has already been posted before. This one is the third, and is painted to more closely to the WotC in-house paintjob. Once this starter warband (and maybe a couple of extras) are done, I may consider selling the warband.

Demonic Gnoll Adept 2


Ogre Delver and Goblin Archer

I’m finally wrapping up my Drazen’s Horde warband with an Ogre Delver, which will serve as the Orc Boss, and a Goblin Ambusher, which will serve as a Goblin Archer (with the small crossbow for a small bow).

Ogre Delver

Delver side

Goblin Archer

This is probably the end of the work on this warband for a while. I still have an owlbear and a bugbear boxed up, but I’m ready to change gears for a while.

I’ve learned a lot painting this group of minis, including some wet blending and working with contrast in the color scheme of a mini. I’m not sure what’s next in terms of miniatures; I’ve got an elf, dwarf, human, and gnoll warband boxed up as well.

Is there room for a Microtable?

A while back, I mentioned that I had created a “24 Hour” section on the “On the Workbench” page. This was where I’d post ideas that I was rattling around in my head before actually committing any time to them. Well, I think one idea is about to make the leap from “24 Hour” to actual reality, and that’s the Microtable.

This has been a idea that I’ve been fussing with a big longer than just 24 hours, and it began with Chainmail, a game that I might have some passing interest in. Chainmail was designed not to be played on a 4′ by 4′ table, but instead on these cardstock tiles that would later appear in Chainmail’s reincarnation, D&D Miniatures. In fact the game is built to represent a “typical” dungeon encounter, with two small mobs slugging it out, rather than guys shooting bows and marching around a giant field.

The second impetus for the microtable came from Gloire by RatTrap Productions. I’ve gotten very interested in Gloire, which is this mini-wargame set in a quasi-Musketeer setting and focuses on scenario-driven games with a lot of “cinematic” action. Each side gets literally a handful of miniatures and you play on a 2′ by 2′ board. The “argument” for the small board is that it gets you into the action more quickly, and favors HTH, which is more dramatic and flavorful than just sniping at each other. Gloire has a nice, low-crunch ruleset that I liked, but I sometimes like a little more fantasy in my fantasy. Then, up pops Chaos in Carpathia, a horror minigame that looks like it might satiate that desire (although they suggest a 4′ by 4′ table). I’ll let you know after I snag a copy.

Anyways, my idea is to build a 2′ by 2′ wargaming “microtable.” The Microtable would be sort of halfway between a real wargaming table and a large terrain piece. Theoretically, it would have the best of both features: the ability to play a game on it without it taking up too much space. I could also fulfill my desire to do a large project without overcommitting and spending all summer doing it (and stressing out my Hobby-related ADD). I already have both a 4×4 and 4×8 table in my home, both in storage in the boiler room, so I don’t really need to do a whole table anyways.

The other thing I could do with a Microtable is construct some “realistic” scale buildings. Or rather, one realistic scale building, like a manor house or the deck of a ship, both of which tend to be under-scaled for playability. In fact, I was thinking of just doing a section of a ship, like the midpart, where all the action would take place.

I suppose I could combine several microtables into one, although at that point I should probably just drop terrain on a table for versatility. In the back of my head I’m wondering about a market for microtables as a gaming option for the dormitory, apartment, or just someone who doesn’t have the space allocated for something larger. In any case, I think I’m going to just shoot for one microtable to start with and see if it takes up more space than I think it will.

The Ogre, and a banner day

Right off the bat, here’s an Ogre for my Drazen’s Horde warband.


After I had primed it, I realized that in fact this ogre was a “she.” I guess that shouldn’t surprise me–little ogre babies have to come from somewhere (ogre storks?) but I was most troubled by the fact that my awareness of her sex came from the fact that she had frighteningly saggy ogre boobies. I’m talking National Geographic quality, never-seen-an-ogre-bra breasts. And now, the Dreaded Ogre Sideboob.

Ogre Sideboob

It’s bad enough that the mini has an ogre buttcrack, but please… Anyways, I’ll probably use the ogre as a Big ‘Un, because I’m saving the “Troll” option for a truly big monster.

On a totally unrelated note, the Skematic Signal Tower post was a huge draw, bringing in over 500 viewers, which works out to be like one eighth of the total viewers in a single day. It even got pinged as a top post of the day. So, I’m getting the message: more cool terrain is what people want. Okay, I’ll get started on the Next Big Thing.

The Signal Tower

This one took a while, mostly because I needed lots of a certain block I don’t cast very often. But it is done, and here’s the result.

Signal Tower

It has an LED mounted inside, which is more obvious when the lights are turned off.

Signal Tower in the Dark

The tube is just a frosted tube bought from Wal-Mart for fifty cents. Since the LED’s were a gift from a friend, the watch battery (3 volts) was the most expensive part at around four dollars. I mounted the LED and battery on a wad of my child’s playdough on the bottom of the base.

Tower interior

This pretty much wraps up my Necron-themed Skematic Trio of Terrain. Here’s a final shot of all three pieces together.


The Hobgoblin and the War Ape

Hobgoblin FighterWar Ape

It has been a bit of lag in painting these guy for several reasons (including getting back into finishing another Skematic piece), but I’m glad to get these two done.

The Hobgoblin Fighter was done in ruddy red, for reasons mentioned in another post on this blog. It also matches the frequent color of clothing on the other members of the warband. This miniature has a shield, but I’m leaving it off right now so that its weaponry/armor option matches the other orc warriors and can fit into the same group. I’d probably use him as the upgraded hero, should in happen, and then add the shield.

The War Ape is sort of weird. The idea is that Drazen’s Horde captures apes, torments them into a frenzy, and then shackles barbed cuffs onto their arms. The Chainmail version of the paintjob has then painted like a baboon or mandrill, but I went with a gorilla option (amongst other things, I didn’t want to paint a bright red backside on this miniature). For Mordheim, I’m using the beastial miniature as a Cave Squig.

Next up, ogres.