New Page: The Workbench

I’ve always got a few projects going on at the same time, but rather than make continual posts about what’s where, I’ve just set up a separate page “On the Workbench” where I’ll keep my ongoing projects listed.

Right now, I’m trying to finish up the last of the Skull Pass dwarfs, namely the miners and the thane (I’m not bothering with the trollslayer just yet, but might do it with the thane, just to complete the whole thing). I’m a little torn on whether I want to get right into the goblins, or perhaps start cranking on something else.

I’m also casting the first of the bricks for the Descent Hirst Arts table. I don’t play Descent, but thought it would be a nice layout for my Castles & Crusades game.

So keep checking back–the page will be updated pretty regularly.


The Cleric of Luck


I finished the miniature for one of the PC’s in my Strange Vistas campaign.  I think it is a Reaper miniature, but I can’t find the reference for it.  The pic isn’t the greatest, and I may take another.  I’m also going to mount her on a larger base, just for increased stability (in her first time out, she tended to fall over a lot).

Sometimes, a cartoon just speaks to me…

Larry Leadhead

The more I think about this “free army” plan the more I think it just sounds goofy. I’ve got a lot of minis sitting unpainted now that I could just paint up and use. Right offhand, there’s quite a few Empire troops, a smattering of beastmen, and of course about 800 pts of Skull Pass goblins (and God alone knows how many orcs).

And about twenty boxes of Chainmail miniatures.

And an entire box of ICE space rangers.

Okay, there’s more, but I’ll stop now.

The Army that Bruce built (sort of)

I was recently talking with my friend over at Ha! I have no Tuba! about the old White Dwarf article series “The Four Gamers.” The premise of the article was four guys would set an amount that they would spend each month building a Warhammer army (about enough for one regiment a month) and then paint them as they go along. The articles were great in the way that they showcased the thought process behind army building, as well as a realistic depiction of how most people acrue an army (and paint it in a more median fashion).

Unfortunately, I really don’t have the $40 a month lying around unclaimed at the moment, but it didn’t get me thinking about trying to build an army essentially from scratch, in this case by selling or trading terrain I have made for the miniatures. There’s a lot of questions, and perhaps even more problems with this plan, however. For one thing, it is essentially converting time into money at a very low rate–I could probably babysit and make more money per hour (not that I would, since a grown man babysitting would just be creepy).

Second, selling HA terrain on eBay has some risks, mostly in shipping. I got dinged once when a terrain piece I made was broken in shipping, and I had to refund the money. I’ve had better luck since then, but padding an item sufficiently to avoid damage runs the shipping costs way up, cutting into either my profit or the attractiveness of the sale.

Third, as rclyne pointed out, I’d be making my anti-work a lot closer to work.  I like the terrain I make, and sometimes I hate to part with it.  I’d also be adding a stresser to my life in the process.  Unless I thought I could really absorb the workload easily, it would case to be fun, which is sort of the point of a hobby.

And that’s before all the picayune questions like what army would I build, and what terrain would I try to sell, etc.  I’ll have to think about this some more, but feel free to tell me what you think.

Cannon and Crew

It’s snowing heavily all day today, and I spent the entire time penned up indoors. The good news is that I was able to bang out another dwarf unit: a cannon and its crew. It’s done in my “fast” style although I put a little something extra into it because of its small size (and amount of time I had to do it).

It looks like I’ll be able to hit my goal of getting my entire dwarf army (the one from the Skull Pass set) done by the end of the campaign, because I only have the miners and the thane.

Dwarf Cannon and Crew

A small Naresh Warband

I finally finished all four of the figures in the Naresh warband that comes in the starter set. The warband includes a demonic gnoll cleric, a gnoll warrior, an abyssmal maw, and a hyena.

Not comes the big question, do I just store these guys somewhere, try to get a Chainmail game going, or sell the lot on eBay? I wish wordpress had a polling option…

A Naresh Warband