Another February Friday Update

I’ve managed to print out all the curved walls, angled walls, pillars, and a whole mess of floor tiles. Presently, I’m up to 132 pieces. At 144 pieces, I can do 2′ by 2′. At 225 pieces, I can do 30″ by 30″. At 324 pieces I can do a square yard.

I’m kind of getting a little burned out on this project already. I might be able to get to 225 by the end of the month. But I am ready to start doing something different: miniatures, other kinds of terrain, etc.


February Friday Update

Like I said earlier, it’s been a slow start on my Fat Dragon Games dungeon building this February, but as I wrap up the first week, here’s what I have accomplished.

Twenty three down, 114 to go!

Slow starts

So my whole “let’s print out a bunch of Fat Dragon Games dungeon pieces in February” hit some early snags. Adhesion issues. Then I ran out of filament. Then the nozzle clogged. Then the Bowden tube clogged. Then there were problems with the gap between the nozzle and the Bowden tube. Then I had adhesion issues again.

Finally, after disassembling the heating element twice, tweaking a tube and lot of wasted filament, I’m back on track. Hopefully I can make some headway. If not, it is not a big deal–I can just push the project into March.

February is Fat Dragon Games month!

After creating over 70 pieces for my 3D printed modular dungeon in January, I got the idea to go even bigger in February. Now that I’m a lot more proficient in the use of the printer, I think I can be more productive, especially if I don’t get distracted by a bunch of side projects. So what is my goal?

To create enough pieces to cover of a 30″ by 30″ square.

That would be enough to cover a decent amount of a standard gaming table, and make for a good “level” of a dungeon. Now 900 square inches divided by 4 square inches (the basic size of a dungeon tile from Fat Dragon Games) means I need around 250 tiles. That’s a lot, but I think I can do it, especially with a plan.

So the plan: each day in February I will print at least two sessions. One will be my “overnight” print which is two wall tiles and four floor tiles (the floor tiles will be printed vertically to save space). With my plan I would only need to print the overnight 15 times. The other print session varies, getting me the right pieces to make up the rest of it. Each of those will generally have two tiles on it. If I can print one of the second sessions almost every day in February, I should reach my goal.

Each Friday I will update my progress, both in terms of what has been printed, and what has been painted. There’s more to this plan, so stay tuned!

First look at the painted dungeon

I’ve managed to paint up the first batch of pieces from the modular dungeon I’m doing on my 3D printer using designs from Fat Dragon Games.

I’m very excited about how they turned out. This is only a portion of the first phase of pieces, so hopefully I’ll be able to post more photos soon.
Comments welcome!

Sci-fi barracks and Kolony buildings

Arctic weather continues to blast the Midwestern United States, so I’m still waiting to be able to do some priming on pieces I’ve been 3D printing. While I wait, I browsed Thingiverse and found these two gems of sci-fi wargaming terrain.

This one is by Terrain4print and is titled “Sci-fi barracks.” It has three main pieces and a bunch of optional widgets you can glue onto the outside like hatches, pipes, and gothic iconography (for you Warhammer 40K enthusiasts).

This “Kolony starter” is a free sample of Rocketshipgames’ Kolony line of sci-fi terrain and vehicles. The simple, modular design makes for a lot of versatility and doesn’t take nearly as long to print as some comparable pieces. The starter set has two kinds of buildings (with and without floors and a cutaway wall), two catwalks, and a small bit of scatter terrain, the “power module.” There are a couple of other Kolony pieces on Thingiverse including a futuristic van. The full packages, available on Drivethrurpg, are a complete steal.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some finished, painted work soon.

Dwarf outpost and wheeled APC

You know what is the worst about ice storms? It’s the inability to be able to prime anything outside. I don’t have a spray booth, so in the meantime I’m just printing things out. Some pretty cool things.

The first is the dwarf outpost from Printable Scenery. This piece is one of reasons I backed the Kickstarter; it is a small, attractive bit of terrain that looks great on any table. It doesn’t dominate and it has a lot of utility.

The other cool project I’ve been working on is a wheeled APC available on Thingiverse. It is clearly inspired by a Space Marine Rhino and was surprisingly detailed and easy to print out. I haven’t attached the wheels yet because I would like to paint them separately.

Hopefully the weather will warm up and I can post some painted pictures soon!